im literally a model


Hey, they should do a reverse version of Faking It where a couple of lesbians pretend to be straight so they’re accepted!
They could call it “Real Life”.

okay but how did none of you know about the existing 1derwall cover before, i just, i assumed we all knew about it already it is literally the very first thing that comes up for me in the “related videos” bit of any 1d video????

i’m not even a part of this how did already know

You're a cool person and you reblog neat things, also you seem very kind & patient with people which is nice! Idk you're just a great person to follow I think~



you can do the thing where you tell me why you followed me/why you still follow me if you want~~

Hi! Remember me? (Here's a hint: (mostly) straight girl w/ a date to prom and a crush on another girl.) Well she and I are becoming close friends :) like we talk a relative lot, which is good. It's like one of those super duper awesome fast friendships. And she's really friendly (in general but also to me), like on the verge of flirty friendly. But cette fille is très straight. Any advice?

answered under a cut bc i don’t want to ignore your message, you seem sweet

but also i am literally the worst at feelings and want to spare my followers the awkward shame of this reply